This month we are looking at habits and how we can adopt new ones (better eating, more consistent exercise, tithing…) or lose old ones (smoking, procrastination, over-indigence, etc.). One way that I have found to express my aspirations—and hold myself accountable for them—is by creating a vision board.

A vision board is a physical manifestation of your goals and innermost longings. It isn’t tied to your past or your present; it provides an abstract for imagining a possible future.

The board can take whatever shape you need it to—it can even be three-dimensional! Your vision board will express those things that carry weight for you and those goals that you hope to obtain or fulfill. Essentially you will be gathering a collection of images, text and objects that hold meaning for you. You do not have to understand why they are meaningful. Grab on to the items you’re drawn to, and entrust your inner self with the reason why each item has a purpose. My experience is that in time each component will reveal its significance to you—sometimes in unexpected ways.

To get a better sense of what I’m talking about, watch the short video above where I show you a few vision boards I’ve made for myself.

By making a vision board, you’re putting your goals out there, solidifying them and introducing them to the outside world (even if it’s only you who sees the board). When you create a vision board, you’re expressing your habit-changing intentions out loud.