25 09, 2019

Q&A: Addressing Burnout

2019-09-25T01:03:34+00:00September 25th, 2019|September 2019|

Got a question about being your best in midlife? Need a little “shot of courage” to get something done? Here’s your chance...    Q&A: Adrenal fatigue and job burnout  Stumped about an ingredient or recipe? Got a health query? Here's your chance to ask Sheree your most compelling questions!    Q: What is adrenal fatigue and how [...]

17 09, 2019

RECIPES: Sip your way to more energy!

2019-09-17T23:19:47+00:00September 17th, 2019|Recipe, September 2019, Superfoods|

Being nutritionally depleted sets you up for feelings of exhaustion and ultimately burnout. Here are a couple of nutrient-rich recipes to keep you sufficiently fueled!  ADRENAL HEALING SMOOTHIE   Kale, lemon, maca, berries… there are lots of reasons this smoothie supports your adrenals!   Yield: 1 serving   Equipment   Blender   INGREDIENTS   3 cups kale, chopped  1 cup cold green tea or [...]

10 09, 2019

Getting Unstuck: Basics for Beating Burnout 

2019-09-10T02:38:26+00:00September 10th, 2019|September 2019|

The treatments for burnout are as wide and varied as the causes. Explore some of the options here, but don’t become discouraged if your results are not immediate. It may take patience to find your individual remedy.   While there are no sure-fire answers or guaranteed solutions, there are a number of options that can assist [...]

3 09, 2019

Are you FIRED up… 

2019-09-03T19:10:24+00:00September 3rd, 2019|Changing habits, September 2019|

or BURNT out?  Your enthusiasm has evaporated. Your passion is pffffft! How can you reconnect with your career and yourself?   Ah, burnout. Nature’s way of telling you “something’s gotta give.”   In medicine, effective treatment of an ailment must be preceded by an accurate diagnosis. Not all burnout is the same, any more than all headaches or [...]

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