I believe….

That it takes guts to live the second half of your life for yourself.

I also believe…

That at any given moment we are all at a Fork in the Road. Sometimes it’s a big decision: Do I get a divorce or try to work it out? Climb the corporate ladder or strike out solo? Downsize and go condo or stay and make the repairs? But the other, “smaller” choices we make are important too: stuff like how to say no to a friend without guilt, whether to go to the reunion, or what you can do when there’s nothing wrong, but you feel joyless or stuck.


I have had several careers including working at a university right out of graduate school. Next I owned a successful advertising agency for 25 years. And when that no longer made my heart sing, I became a coach. Along the way I’ve been on a spiritual and personal development path that spills over into my work. I’ve hosted a television show, written a few books, been active in my community. I live a varied and interesting life in an art deco home in Des Moines, Iowa.

You need me when you…

  • Could use help figuring what you really want to do…and support so you have the courage to actually do it
  • Long to “get your groove back” and get out of that rut
  • Are open to exploring your own unique gifts, so you have the perfect blueprint to live with ease and confidence
  • Simply feel like you’ve taken care of everyone else for too damn long and now it’s YOUR turn

Do you ever feel like your life is a blooper reel? If you do, we already have a lot in common, so let’s talk.

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