There is always something happening at Fork in the Road…here’s a little peek at how the year is coming together. Want more specifics? Shoot an email to or better yet get on the mailing list and never miss out on anything! (Schedule may be subject to change.)


Sheree’s Birthday Club. I love to remember peoples’ birthdays, but to do that, I need to know when your special day is!


Midlife Courage Warriors (MCW). We have a private Facebook group. Join us at MCW for extra fun and a few surprises!


Sheree Clark’s May Talk Series for Midlife Women—No fluff and no pretense…just candid conversation about all things midlife. It’s truly come as you are!


Summer SchoolFun sessions to help midlife women understand this time of life a little better. There’s a free class every month June through August, with a self-discovery exercise each time. The VIP option gets you extra sessions and goodies


Group programsWhere women from all over convene virtually to support, encourage and hold each other accountable. New small groups are created at different times throughout the year.


Private Coaching—If your need is immediate, or groups are not your thing, working one-on-one work is possible. Private coaching is customized, so we’ll want to arrange a conversation/interview to determine fit.

New programs and events are happening all the time!