When I first introduce the concept of vision boards to my Fork in the Road clients, most have heard of them, but only a handful have actually created one.  

A vision board is a pictorial representation of what you would like to have in the next chapter of your life. It can be literal, like a picture of the car you want, or suggestive, like a photo of a sandy beach. It might be ethereal or symbolic, like trees to signify nature, clouds for space or a sunrise for peace. The end vision board can appear simple with just a few select images and lots of white space, or more complex with every inch of the board covered. All that matters is that it looks and feels good to you, that you believe you can attract or create your vision and are open to receive it. 


There are no set rules for how your vision board will look or even what form it will take when it’s done. But generally speaking, it’s helpful to have some basic supplies on hand to get you started. 

A surface 

You may opt for poster or foam board, an old cigar box or some other three-dimensional item to serve as the framework for your vision. There is no wrong size, shape or color. Just try not to over think this part of the process, or you may never get started. It’s less important to be artful and more important to be insightful. 


Libraries often put stacks of old magazines out as giveaways. You can also find outdated periodicals at hair salons, doctor’s offices, etc. Make sure you get lots of different types of magazines or other visual resources. Don’t limit your options! 


A good choice is a water-based adhesive. An alternative is rubber cement. Glue sticks are alright, but their adhesive power diminishes after a few months. Elmer’s Glue-AllTM doesn’t work well, because it makes magazine pages’ ripple. 


Hang up a “do not disturb” sign. Try playing some soft music, preferably without lyrics. Find a block of time where you won’t be interrupted, unless you are completing this exercise with a partner or trusted friend (it may work best to do this activity alone).  

Reality check 

Keep checking in with yourself as you create your vision board: Is this what I truly want? Is this the highest vision I can hold for myself at this point? Do I love every word and image I am about to attach to the board? Is this the best representation of what I aspire to? 


To creating an effective vision board 

Step 1: Flip and Rip 

Flip through the magazines you’ve gathered and select images from them. Rip out anything that calls to you. Don’t analyze your choices. Make a big pile of images, phrases and words. 

Step 2: Sort 

Sift through your clippings and lay your favorites aside in a pile. Sort by intuition: If any of the images don’t feel quite right, simply eliminate them. Consider including some meaningful photos from your own life experiences. 

Step 3: Arrange 

Trim and position the visuals on your blank surface. Try and get a sense of your desired layout. You might assign a theme to specific areas of the board, or you might want to lay the images out randomly in no particular order. 

Step 4: Paste 

After you’ve arranged all the items in a way that feels right to you, paste everything onto the board. Take your time. 

Step 5: Enhance 

Next, add some decorative touches. Affix glitter or significant charms, or paint or draw on your board. Whatever you think it needs, add it now. Finally, write the date on your vision board. You might finish by using a sealant such as Mod PodgeTM, or framing your board.  

Step 6: Integrate 

Place your vision board in a place where you will see it several times a day. Consider taking a photo of it and making it the screensaver on your computer or phone. Give attention to your vision board, and also pay attention to your opportunities. If you included pictures of healthy food, read a book about going vegan and try some new kinds of healthy cuisine. Take some chances. Be willing to make mistakes. Your actions don’t have to be big.  

You’ll probably experience a few epiphanies as your vision board begins to take shape. This is the true essence of your knowing self beginning to emerge. Happy visioning!