It takes guts

I’m Midlife Courage Coach Sheree Clark, and I believe it takes guts to live the second half of your life for you, when you’ve lived the first half for everyone else.

Several times each year, I gather a special group of women who will work closely with me to achieve the goals they have for themselves. Some groups are just a few weeks long, others have lasted the entire year. Sometimes the groups are topic-specific, other times the group members share a common stage of life or similar age.

Take a look at the three passages and transition points I have identified. Tell me which one fits you best and let’s see if there is a group experience would benefit you.

Fast Lane

Under 50 (born 1973 or after)

May still have kids at home or they’ve recently left the nest. Marital status might be shifting. Experiencing career stresses and challenges, or even questioning choice of careers. Could be working through some past issues. Feel as though you’ve lost.

Discovery Detour

50 to about 71 (born 1953 to 1972)

May feel decline in energy. Possible issues in primary relationships such as spouse, aging parents or adult children. Thinking about what retirement looks like. Interested in better mental and physical health. Grappling with hormonal changes. Craving self-care.

Heritage Highway

72 and beyond (born 1952 or before)

May feel loneliness or isolation, sometimes caused by grief. Establishing a new identity and purpose. Likely less concerned about what others think. Very aware of the passage of time. Wondering “who will take care of me?” Possibly thinking about what legacy will be left behind.

*Please note: If you started your family late or if you took retirement early, you may feel more comfortable in a group that doesn’t align with your year of birth.

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