I am here to help

I love possibilities and watching people come to their ‘aha’ moment.

Whether you’re looking to uplevel your diet, figure out what’s next in your career or make a big change in your personal life, I’m here to help you reach your highest potential and reconnect with your deepest inner wisdom.

I am committed to bringing you the very best of what I’m personally living and learning, and to keeping it frank and honest as we go. I take my work seriously but like to laugh. Oh, and I am slightly irreverent, so if it bothers you that I say things like “what the fork are you waiting for?” we might not be the best match.

The best way to learn more and stay connected is to enter your name and email, and you’ll have access to all kinds of free content. But don’t worry about me spamming you: Most of the time, you’ll only hear from me on Wednesdays; unless something is time-sensitive or important.

Connect with Sheree

Road to a New You is my flagship group program. This year-long guided journey is for you if you’ve put off shifting your diet, de-cluttering your life or taking those next steps toward reaching a life goal…or if you simply feel like you’re “stuck.” This is for you if you’ve ever thought you might like to work with a coach—one who has been through the fire herself. Most of us have some area in life where we feel a little unclear or stuck. Maybe you:

  • Are frustrated with your business or career and want to find your magic again.
  • Need to eat better, sleep better, have more vitality…the energy to sail through your day.
  • Feel like your life and your schedule is spinning out of control.
  • Long to “get your groove back” and get out of that rut.
  • Simply feel like you’ve taken care of everyone else for too damn long and now it’s YOUR turn.

Best of all, you can participate from anywhere. If you feel you’re at a loss right now, and you really want to be the best version of yourself, I will help you find your way.

Learn more about Road to a New You!

Through regular private meetings, I’ll help you set goals, give you advice and support, and keep you motivated, regardless of where you are in your journey. We’ll set goals and develop a plan that works to get you where you want to go. Terms and length of the program will vary depending on your goals, but typically I work in year-long increments. To get started, we’ll schedule a 20-minute consultation to determine if there is a fit.

I love to work with:
• Empty nesters who are looking forward to (or are fearful about) the next chapter of their lives
• People who are looking to make a big change or shift in their lives—even if they are not sure what that shift is
• Women who have taken care of everyone else for so long, they have neglected their own needs and wants
• High-energy people who are trapped in low-energy bodies
• Anyone who understands that if they keep doing what they’re doing, they’ll keep getting what they’re getting

Ready? Email me with Fork in the Road Coaching in the subject line to learn more.

I love doing live and virtual talks and demonstrations for groups of all sizes. I have served as a counselor to entire departments and staffs at forward-thinking companies. I also offer corporate “lunch and learn” presentations for organizations interested in improving the health of their employees. Because I have extensive television experience (including hosting my own healthy lifestyle show), I am comfortable doing live media presentations and interviews as well.

What Client’s Say

“I’m changing my diet in baby steps and Sheree’s like my friend on the journey. She’s not a fanatic, she’s down-to-earth and fun. Yes, YOU can do this!”

Amy H

I have been working with Sheree Clark since the beginning of January, and it has been an amazing experience. I’ve lost 15 pounds, stopped using most of my skin care products, kicked a 5 cup a day coffee habit, and successfully completed a 10 day juice fast only to keep juicing. This really works!

Grace V.C.

“I just got my A1C results back and I am at 6.6 – down from 8.1 in just two months of working with Sheree. This is life-changing stuff she is doing.”


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I’m ready for a breakthrough!

Are you ready to make a breakthrough? Want to explore what’s possible for your life? Clients who work one-on-one with me or join my Road to a New You Program get the fastest results. If you’re ready to develop the daily practices needed to achieve and support success, let’s discuss working together.