Are you tuned in to It’s Your Time:Turning the Midlife Crisis into Your Midlife Awakening (Sign up here to see what all the hubub is about!) 

The series runs through ’til the end of May, with a new expert featured every day (and a few extras on weekends!) Every one of the 36 experts is amazing in their own right, 18 of them (that’s half!) are also published authors, so I’m hosting Sheree’s Book Club featuring our experts’ books. Check out the video to see what’s up this week. 

And did you know…The series is available for purchase…and you’ll even get a few special bonuses like Season One of my television show Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark (yes, it includes all the recipes too!). You’ll also be invited to have a free half-hour live phone consultation with me. I can’t wait to hear what you think when we talk!