I’m Midlife Courage Coach Sheree Clark, and I believe it takes guts to live the second half of your life for you, when you’ve lived the first half for everyone else.

I am seeking a special group of women who will work closely with me to achieve the goals they have for themselves.

In this yearlong coaching program, called Road to a New You, women from all over the world convene virtually to support, witness and hold each other accountable. It’s a beautiful experience to get unstuck, fine-tune relationships, lay the past to rest and feel comfortable in your own skin.

In the program you’ll focus on:

  • Reconnecting to the you that you have always been. The you that got buried under a bunch of roles like, spouse, mother, caregiver, boss, employee….
  • Learning to identify and honor your dreams, even if you’ve forgotten what they were
  • Incorporating healthy practices designed to give you more energy and mental clarity
  • Letting go of regret, shame, blame, fear and any other baggage that prevents you from living abundantly

The program looks like this:

  • We start in September
  • There are three, live one-hour group calls each month (they’re recorded in case you have to miss any)
  • There are private bimonthly coaching appointments with me
  • A secret Facebook group provides an additional way to stay in touch with the group
  • Program instructions, handouts and supplemental videos are included
  • You will be prompted, supported and guided as you work through the program to emerge ready to embrace whatever you decide is next!

Road to a New You may be perfect for you if:

  • You yearn to connect authentically with other women who are also experiencing the transitions of midlife
  • You feel stuck or like you’ve “settled”
  • You crave more energy and inspiration in your life
  • You desire clarity and vision for your future
  • You actually do know what you want, but feel lost in exactly how to get there
  • You crave a healthier and more balanced life
  • You want to create the next chapter of life, rather than it creating you!

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