Let’s add some fuel to the fire!

Are you coming to my summer pajama party series C’mon Baby Light Your Fire, where we’ll spark energy and creativity in every aspect of your life?

The parties are all free to attend, but if you want to “upgrade to first class”— or if you’re worried you may have to miss one—I have an idea.

Join me in the inner circle as a PJ Party VIP!

It’s a one-time upgrade—good for the entire season of eight parties—and it gets you lots of goodies. Probably the most valuable is that you’ll get access to recordings of each of the PJ Parties until the next party starts.

PJ Party VIPs also get:

  • An upgraded VIP party favor (watch for it in the mail in early July!)
  • Invitations to monthly private VIP-only events, some featuring special guests (and more gifts!)
  • Admittance to a brand-new, secret VIP Facebook Group
  • And yes, access to the party recordings!

Just pay for the upgrade once ($30)— it’s good for the whole summer!

Upgrade Me!

Remember, only VIPs can get their hot little hands on the recordings…