I know that the world is in love with Pumpkin Spice at this time of year, but let’s not forget it’s also cranberry season!  This is one of my favorite late fall recipes…try it for a breakfast on the run, as a snack or even use it as a fast (no cooking!) addition to the neighborhood cookie-exchange.  Happy holidays, friends! ~Sheree


Yield: 24 servings

Food processor

1 cup                   old fashioned oats
1/2 cup               almonds
1/2 cup               pistachios
1/2 cup               almond butter
1 cup                   dried cranberries
5 tablespoons    honey
1/4 teaspoon      vanilla extract
dash                    unrefined salt

Process almonds, pistachios and salt in a food processor fitted with the S blade until ground. Transfer to a medium mixing bowl. Stir the vanilla into the honey and add it to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Combine thoroughly with clean hands. Shape dough into 1 1/2-inch balls. Refrigerate until ready to eat. Stored in the refrigerator, Cranberry Oat Pistachio Balls will keep for three weeks.