Lately I have been reducing my intake of all kinds of sugars and sweeteners, even “natural” ones, like honey and dates. My dilemma is that I love sweets, and when I tried substituting low-glycemic sweeteners such as stevia, I didn’t enjoy the aftertaste.

Then I discovered NuNaturals® brand. This product is like no other stevia I have tried. It is delicious and has no aftertaste, unless you use too much of it (a common mistake by people new to stevia!). It comes in powder form, as tablets, or in an alcohol-free liquid.

Stevia is a plant that has been used safely for hundreds of years. It has zero calories and no impact on blood sugar. It is not a chemical, artificial sweetener like aspartame, and poses none of the health dangers of those types of products. Unlike aspartame—which becomes even more toxic when heated—stevia can be used in baking. NuNaturals® has flavored liquid stevias, including cherry, lemon, orange and others, which I think are far superior to any other flavored product available. Just like the popular NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid—that is made with pure vanilla extract—their products use real ingredients, not artificial flavorings!


I am delighted to announce an exciting giveaway contest from NuNaturals, just for friends of Fork in the Road. Four lucky winners will each receive:

  •  One bottle of Vanilla Alcohol Free NuStevia Liquid

  • One bottle of our NEW SUGAR-FREE COCOA SYRUP, and

  • One package of the NEW COCOA POWDER

  • PLUS one 50 pkt. box of NuStevia NO-CARBS Stevia Packets. 

Winners will be drawn at random. The product will be shipped directly from the company.


1     Go to my Fork in the Road Facebook page and like my page.

2     Find the NuNaturals Promotion post and click the link to get the entry form

Four winners will be chosen at random. NuNaturals will ship the prizes to you directly, but unfortunately, they cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. Winners will need to provide a standard mailing address.


If you want to order any other NuNaturals products, you can receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT on all orders placed on their website: Until June 30, 2017, enter the code “BLG0617” when you get to the checkout page, and you will receive a 15% discount on your entire order. If your order exceeds $35, you will also qualify for FREE SHIPPING within the Continental United States!