If you’re looking to uplevel your diet, I highly recommend juicing as a great starting place. While you over-achiever types might think this isn’t hard-core or extreme enough, believe me when I tell you juicing is powerful medicine: but you have to take it seriously. We’re not talking cans of concentrated orange juice here, I mean freshly made (by you or your local juice bar) juice—at least 24 ounces each day. My recommendation is to get your juicing in early in the day. In addition to starting off on the right foot (maybe you won’t need that coffee after all!), you’re sure to get it done that way AND juicing is most beneficial on an empty stomach.

While fruit juices by themselves are healthful and certainly yummy, they also contain a high concentration of sugar. You’re best off directing your attention mainly to vegetable juices, with some fruit juices such as apple or pear added in for flavor balance as needed.

Here’s a tasty and nutritious blend to get you started. Cheers!



Bloody Good


A healthier version of a Bloody Mary!

3     whole tomatoes

1     cucumber

1/2 red bell pepper

1     garlic clove

3-4   ribs celery

Dash cayenne pepper


Run first five ingredients through the juicer and add cayenne to taste. Garnish with celery stick.