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Are you at a fork in the road?

If you’re ready to:
  • Take steps you know would make your life better

  • Feel great about your health and/or getting older

  • Find a way of eating that really works for you

  • Make every day a lot more rewarding and fun

  • Explore “what’s next” for you

Then it’s no accident you’re here.

You know that longing you’ve had for so long…that longing for a more vibrant life full of energy, health and joy?

Well, I know it too.
And I can’t wait to help you finally make it happen!

Group Programs

Have you put off shifting your diet, de-cluttering your life, taking those next steps toward a major goal...or do you simply feel like you’re “stuck?” My flagship offering is a year-long guided group journey.

Road to a New You!

Individual Coaching

Ready to reclaim your lost sense of vibrancy, health and joy for life? Need some one-on-one accountability and a customized plan to get where you want to go? My VIP program guides you to reclaim the true you.

One-on-One Accountability

Speaking and Training

Need an energetic, knowledegable and engaging speaker for your podcast, radio show or live event? People—including her TV audience members—say “Sheree Clark is forkin’ amazing with her fun, interactive style.”

For groups from 10 to 10,000

Holiday Grief

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A Holiday Stress Hack

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Sheree is Telling Stories

In Des Moines, Iowa we have this thing called Storytellers Project, where regular people tell real, [...]

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