Travel can unravel your best routines if you’re not careful. Don’t let the fun and excitement of experiencing a new place derail your well-established wellness activities. Likewise, don’t let rest and relaxation turn into laziness. Return from your break a new and improved you! 

We asked some health-conscious intrepid travelers for their best tips, hints and advice for staying on track even when on a break. Here are their suggestions.  

  • I use local public transportation so I can get to know the area for later walks and jogging. Taking a taxi and getting dropped off makes me feel like a package. Ray Umashankar, Executive Director, ASSET India Foundation, Tucson, Arizona 
  • There are two links I check out when traveling to a new place: and And I always visit local organic food grocers. Renee Dalrymple, Owner/Proprietor, Soaring Crane Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Indianola, Iowa 
  • We try and book a room with a kitchenette so we don’t have to eat out every meal. Not only is it healthier, it’s a big money saver. Rob and Susane Gillum, Ultra runners, Des Moines, Iowa 
  • T’ai Chi requires no equipment. You can do it anywhere, even in limited space. You can practice mentally too. Just visualize the movements while sitting on the plane. Terry Jennings, Accredited Tai Chi Teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii 
  • I ask hotel concierges or front desk staff for a run route. They often have maps or can suggest options. (When running alone, I always let the hotel staff know when I leave, what route I intend to take, and when I’m back.) I also connect with City Running Tours ( for a guided group or one-on-one run. Kristin Lennert MurraCommunication Strategist, Chicago, Illinois 
  • Ask around about popular local spots, stands or street vendors for lighter fare. Open-air markets are a great source for healthy snacks on the go—and a great excuse to get some walking in. (Fresh cherries and dried pineapple were my favorite at the Venice Fish Market.) Caitlin Oponski, Galena the Fly Hot Air Balloon Company, Galena, Illinois 
  • When traveling in the U.S. there is a great website and app called Happy Cow that you can use to find restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan fare. And if that’s not your style, but healthy options are, then it is helpful for locating those options too. Carlyn Crowe, Drake University School of Journalism, Des Moines, Iowa 
  • Planning and being flexible are the best plans. If I’ve forgotten my running shoes, I’ll do yoga in my room. If I had planned to swim and the pool is out of commission, I will walk the town for that period of time. Planning is key, but being flexible is even more important. Renee DeMan, Store Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, Lincoln, Nebraska 

Now, let us hear from you! What are your favorite travel tips and life hacks?