I have a fabulous surprise for you today! Whether you have tuned in to the It’s Your Time interview series or not, I am giving you access to each of the experts’ gifts today. Yep, every single one! The list will be current through today (May 22)…and we’ll update it again at the end of the month to include the gifts from the interviews that have not aired yet.  Click on the expert’s name to access their free gift. AND, if you want to opt in to the series, you can still do that through June 3 (when the free interviews go away) by going here: www.midlife-newlife.com.  Enjoy!

April 30- Hear my welcome interview!
May 1- Debi Sibler 
May 2- Dr. Felice Gersh
May 3- Holly Bertone
May 4- Carolyn Cooper
May 4- Michelle Jacobik 
May 5- Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney
May 5- Linda Melone
May 6- Annie Grace
May 7- Dr. Pam Gaudry
May 8- Dr. Sarah Rattray
May 9- Jean Ketcham
May 10- Dr. Valencia Porter
May 11- Kim Acedo
May 11- Lori and Bob Hollander
May 12- Geri Brin
May 12- Dr. Chris Bjorndal
May 13- Stephanie Dodier
May 14- Debra Engle
May 15- Ann Voorhees Baker
May 16- Marcelle Pick
May 17- Amy Medling
May 18- Dr. Andre Panagos
May 18- Meridith Alexander
May 19- Dawn Lorentz
May 19- Lisa Lewtan
May 20- Rachel Pachivas
May 21- Karen Chellew and Catherine Shanahan
May 22- Dr. Sandra Cabot