To get where you’re going, first know where you are

Let’s Go…I’m IN!

Want something different for your life?

A very first step is to know where you’re beginning from, and I have a tool to help you.

The Courage Journal is a guided, two-week commitment. If you’re already a journaler, you can do this at the same time you do your regular writing. If you are not into journaling, I’ve got you covered too!

This is a prompted experience. Respond to my prods in one sentence answers, or even in bullets and lists if you’d like. You’ll be able to complete each day’s assignment in as little as ten minutes. Every day I will be right there with you, in a really quick video I will send you each morning, to help you stay on track.

Begin when you’re ready

The best part is that you can start this whenever you feel like starting. If you sign up for it today you’ll get a short orientation email today, and you can start your journal tomorrow or next week or when you’re on vacation. Best of all, you can keep revisiting it as often as you’d like to.

What if spending just 10 minutes a day for the next two weeks gave you a life changing “aha?”

A personal story…

When I was first learning how to drive a car, my Dad was one of those old-fashioned types who felt I needed to know how to read a map and change a tire—and all sorts of things that had nothing to do with why I wanted to get my license!

So one day we were driving in Upstate NY where I am from. My Dad said “OK, honey, next we’re going to Glens Falls, and we’re going to take Interstate 87. Which way do we want to head: north or south?” To which I replied “I don’t care, which way would you rather go?” My Dad told me to pull the car over and he got out the map—and that’s when I came face to face in real-life terms that truly, to get where you’re going, you do first have to know where you are!

It’s a thoughtful gift

Looking for something meaningful and different for a friend or loved one? The Courage Journal makes a perfect gift. I’ll even give you a nice card to go along with it. Just drop me an email and we’ll cook something up!

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I got something out of every single day, but Day 9 was the one where I had a true breakthrough. That same day I took two things off my schedule, and I can’t tell you how great it feels. ~Sherry B., Chicago

I like the journal but I LOVE your mini-videos! Just hearing you tell how you use the exercises brought them to life for me. I didn’t want the two weeks to end! ~Anne D., Hartford

The part where you asked about the roles I play was a game-changer for me. I had no idea just making a list like that could bring things into focus so clearly! ~Michele J., Sydney