This month we are looking at gluten, and the impact it can have on health, particularly for people with gluten sensitivities.

For many people one of the hardest gluten-containing things to give up can be bread, and especially hamburger buns in the summer. Nothing says Memorial Day weekend like something from the grill, and oftentimes that something is a burger on a bun.

In this segment, which originally aired on KCWI 23 in Des Moines, Iowa, I present healthier options for both the burger and the bun. Watch now and see store-bought as well as fresh-from-the-garden options. As a bonus, I even kick in a couple of healthy ideas for burger toppings.

Even if gluten doesn’t pose a problem for you, take a look at the healthy swap-outs suggested here. With the calories you’ll save, you can justify helping yourself to seconds—and the delicious medley of flavors will prompt you to do just that!