24 04, 2018


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Stumped about an ingredient or recipe? Got a health query? Here's your chance to ask Sheree your most compelling questions!  Q: What essential oils are used for what purpose?  A: Nearly any essential oil can be used for inhaling or topically (sometimes after diluting), depending on what your goal is. Lavender is commonly used to relieve stress, provide relaxation [...]

17 04, 2018

Lemon Bites and Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

2018-04-17T01:43:05+00:00April 17th, 2018|April 2018|

Do you have a fun, fabulous original recipe you'd be willing to share? If so, please send your gem to [email protected] Preference will be given to vegetarian, low-glycemic, wheat and dairy-free concoctions.  LEMON BITES WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Be sure you use a high grade essential oil in this recipe! Start with just two drops, and adjust [...]

3 04, 2018

Essential Information About Essential Oils

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We all have strong associations with scent and memory...fresh cut grass and summertime, the cologne of a first love, movies and popcorn...scents can evoke all manner of recollections. The powerful connections between a smell and emotions has made aromatherapy a multi-billion dollar industry.  Aromatic or fragrance oils are manufactured scents. They are created artificially and contain artificial substances. Often, they are specifically designed to mimic the [...]

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